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A Snowboard Photography Project

Photography and snowboarding are very connected in many different ways but until now there was not a true and free creative outlet for photographers to show and portray their pictures as they envision them. The Eight is born with that purpose, let the photographers express themselves without the usual constrains of traditional magazines and bring amazing photography to every snowboarder around the world in a way they haven’t experienced before, the true eye of the photographer.

The Eight is born as a yearly snowboard photography book. In each volume eight photographers will be featured and given 12-14 pages. Each photographer can submit any content they like, with no restrictions. The main problem photographers face with magazines is that photos have to feature the latest gear and fit the content and style of the mag or that particular issue. Here photographers can submit any content they want to show, new or old, we are just looking for amazing photography.

The book is published in two formats. Digital and paper. The digital version is free for everyone to download from this website. We aim to reach a large audience, have every snowboarder enjoy and be inspired by great photography. The printed version is a paid one and ordered online from this website as well. This version is a premium one, printed on really great offset paper and with international shipping included in the price. It is a collectors’ item that will gain value with time.

We want to offer the photos ad-free so the way to support The Eight is to purchase the printed version or donate here. We really appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the photos.

The team behind The Eight:

Gonzalo Manera
Director / Editor

Graphic design / Art direction

Pepe Trigo
Web development